JAVELIN  – The world in the future, as I saw it. A possible future of human kind. Where humanity has long left planet earth in order to settle on another planet between the stars. Technology well advanced, but emotionally still far behind, the human race continues to struggle even in the far reaches of space.

Port Myra - Zellamar 1 - 2001

Port Myra – Zellamar 1 – 2001

Only a few in this fictive future know the true meaning of life, but they are surrounded by a society that is mercilessly following its soul-drenching path, dragging everyone else with them.

JAVELIN  is a love story. A story of an impossible love that finds its way through the abyss of a world gone mad. A light of love in all the darkness.

Planet Friid - 2012

Planet Friid – 2012

The story starts on planet Friid, a world similar to our Earth, although being rather scarce, without the vast forests that are common on Earth. It is a rocky world in which plant life is rare. But by their highly advanced nature development techniques humans have created for themselves cities that are close to self sufficiency.

Also space travel is well advanced in my version of the future.


Fleet gathering West 2002

A vast variety of small, medium sized and extremely huge space-ships constitutes the fleet of the Friidians.

Fleet Gathering East - 2008

Fleet Gathering East – 2002

But in spite of that the humans living on Friid are only the first half of the remaining human race in this version of the future.

The second half that had left our planet Earth at the same time as the Friidians, have been missing in the far reaches of space for a long time.

Fleet Gathering complete - 2008

Fleet Gathering complete – 2002

And our story starts about the time when those two human races meet again.


City of Baloura, Planet Friid – 2007



Halalea - 2006

Canyon, Planet Halalea – 2006



Halalea Storm - 2006

Halalea Storm – 2006



Javelin - Anime - Northland - 2011

Anime screenshot: Northland patrol – 2011



Javelin - Anime - Poster01

Anime – Poster  01




Anime – Poster  02




Anime screenshot: Shuttle approaching cruiser



Javelin - Anime - Poster02

Anime – Poster  03




L O V E  is  universal …

TECHNOLOGY  cannot  replace  it …

MACHINES  cannot  produce  it …

WAR  cannot  destroy  it …



… J A V E L I N …

by Radu Brancoveanu


3 comments on “JAVELIN

    • And JAVELIN was (and still is maybe) my second home. Especially when listening to the song ‘Pinta, Nina, Santa Maria’ by VANGELIS, I am in that ‘home’, in that world. Since I was a young kid I see this world, an idea of a possible future, and a story that unfolds.
      Peace, everlasting peace I wish you… into your heart.
      Yes. Find it. It is there.
      And that peace is bigger than an ocean…

      Liked by 1 person

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